About Us

Events4u is not only a full-service company specialized in event planning, it is a boutique event company that specializes in all types of special events.With a leader with almost 10 years' experience and partners with more than 20 years on the market, our team can guarantee the best planned social events.

Together with our global network partners, we have only one aim, to deliver only the best tailor-made events.

We are the people who can answer questions like , ''Can you tell me a reason why to hire an Event Planner?'' or ''Do we have enough money to hire an Event Planner?''.

Our team's job is to help you save time and money and our job is to free you from tons of stress, to allow you to enjoy the experience without worrying about all the details; our job is to handle all the unexpected situations, to think “outside the box” to suggest ideas to you and of course to go the extra mile for every client.

Come to us with your dream and let us create and plan it.
The EVENTS4U Family