Food & Beverage Services

Villas and Yacht Catering services:
Our award-winning chefs, combined with our stylish venues, can make every event exceptional. Our Food & Beverage team will provide you with a proposal including customized menus that fit your event's theme and, of course, the most extreme requirements.
With over 30 years' experience in the food industry  our team can guarantee the most stylish solution to match your theme and your budget.  

Villas or other Event Catering Services:
Our catering team can bring the passion and excellence of our talented chefs to your place.  
We can help you to organize a private dinner in the most memorable way; our trained staff, waiters, and chefs will make sure that you and your guests are pampered.

Our chefs' philosophy is  that food must be not only exceptional, but also artfully presented.
We also provide food cooked from scratch, using all-natural ingredients, which reduces our impact on the environment, as well as vegetarian and vegan  alternatives or others upon request.
Whatever the type of your event,  let us do it all!