Cancellation Policy


Cancellation of a Product Order

The user / client of the website has the right to cancel the order of a product at any moment before it is sent, as long as the procedure for sending and issuing tax vouchers has not been initiated.

Following reception of the product, contact us by means of the contact form explaining the reason why you wish to cancel the order. A member of our staff will assist you immediately and inform you of all of your options.

Cancellation of Services

The client may immediately cancel any order for a service, for which the service has not been activated. Cancellation takes place by means of a similar request by the user / client through e-mail, or with a telephone call.

After the activation of the service, contact us by means of the contact form explaining the reason why you wish to cancel the order. A member of our staff will assist you immediately and inform you of all of your options.


All of the above terms of cancellation of orders and services are valid for any form of payment and any duration of services, except for subscriptions and services that are paid on a monthly or annual basis.

As long as the payment has been made by the user / client by means of a credit card or bank deposit, EVENTS4U undertakes to return the entire amount thereof within 7 working days. Any bank charges that arise will be charged exclusively to the user / client of the website.


Return of Products – Requirements for Returns

The client (the consumer, according to the formulation of the respective law), in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 paragraph 10 of Law 2251/1994, as currently valid, may withdraw without justification from the contract for the sale of the product / service within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days by returning the goods in their original condition, without bearing any expense, except for the expenses for the return. 

Therefore, EVENTS4U, after confirming the condition of the product, will return the money corresponding to the value of the product to the client. If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, he provides notification of this fact in writing or by any other stable means made available to the recipient, to which the recipient has access.

A return of products at the expense of EVENTS4U may be carried out in all cases in which the order is executed mistakenly, that is, in the case that a different item from the one ordered is delivered, in terms of the type of item or the quantity or in case that upon its delivery, the item's packaging has been destroyed, whether completely or in the greater part thereof, or in the case that it is observed that the item is defective. In this case, the client should not accept delivery of the product from the start or should request its return, after reaching an understanding with EVENTS4U. The products may be returned in the condition in which they were received by the client. In the case that they are not returned within the time agreed on in the agreement with EVENTS4U, then the Electronic Shop has the right not to accept the return, and therefore, to refuse to replace the item. In all cases, the return of the item to be replaced should be carried out together with all the documents accompanying the product (for example, receipt for services rendered, invoice for services rendered, product invoice, etc) and its complete packaging. In the case that the products are returned, under the condition that they have been received and inspected previously by EVENTS4U, the money will be returned to the user / client by canceling the charge to the credit card, which will take place at the care of EVENTS4U. In the case that the products are returned in damaged or incomplete form, the Electronic Shop has the right to request compensation from the user / client, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the product, and to proceed unilaterally and immediately to the complete or partial offsetting of its claim against the client.

Return of Products Considered Defective upon Delivery (DOA) at the Expense of the COMPANY: In the case that some product/s is/are considered defective upon their delivery (DOA), its/their return will be carried out at the expense of EVENTS4U. In this case, the return of the defective product/s may take place by means of their shipment, with the cost of its/their reception charged to EVENTS4U, by the means of its choice, and following an agreement between the client himself and the personnel of the Electronic Shop of EVENTS4U. The return of the products considered defective upon their delivery (DOA) will be accepted within seven (7) calendar days of their delivery to the client. If the client has purchased a product that he considers defective upon its delivery (DOA) and has the right to return it at the expense of EVENTS4U, as determined specifically above, then he may also return products that complement this item to EVENTS4U.

Withdrawal: The purchaser has the right to withdraw without justification within ten (10) working days from the date of delivery and reception of the products sold by returning the item in its original condition, with all of its accessories, the printed matter accompanying it, and its packaging in perfect condition. The return of the item is accepted only as long as the purchaser has previously paid every amount that the company has spent for the sending of the item to him and the cost of returning the item.

Products with Problems (DOA): We conduct all the necessary inspections before sending every order. However, in this case, it is sufficient for the return to take place within 7 calendar days from the date of purchase. In the case that a product is returned (DOA), under the condition that it will be confirmed afterward by the technical inspection that the defect is not due to improper use, the product will be replaced by a new one as long as it is available, or by another one with the same or better technical features following an agreement with the client. The company may, at its discretion, return the money to the client in the case that the item is not available, the product has been sold at a special price, or is made with older technology, etc. Reimbursement of the client will take place by canceling the charge made to the credit card or by depositing funds in a bank account.

In order for a return to be accepted, the original receipt of purchase (retail receipt, invoice) must be shown by the person who originally bought the product and whose particulars are recorded on the receipt of purchase. In the case that the purchase was carried out with a credit card, the original receipt issued by the bank terminal must necessarily be shown.

EVENTS4U retains the right to modify its return policy at any time or to abolish it, by publishing the new relevant conditions and requirements on its website.

The return policy EVENTS4U does not concern defective products that are covered by their respective warranties.